NBJC Internship/Fellowship Opportunities

Play an active role in the nation’s only civil rights organization focused on the intersections of civil rights and LGBTQ equality.

The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) is a civil rights organization dedicated to the empowerment of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people, including people living with HIV/AIDS. NBJC’s mission is to end racism, homophobia, and LGBTQ bias and stigma.  NBJC understands and is uniquely positioned to ensure that public policy and social practices support the intersectional needs of Black LGBTQ and Same Gender Loving (SGL) people. NBJC’s internship/fellowship program is ideal for emerging and established young adults who are interested in learning about and sharpening skills that can be used to influence public policy and advocacy; communications, media and messaging; and to improve how individuals and institutions purporting to care about Black people and the Black community address intersectional needs that are most often neglected and ignored.  If you have a desire to learn about the fast paced and high stakes world of federal public policy and advocacy and care deeply about the Black community, this internship/fellowship opportunity is for you.

The National Black Justice Coalition’s (NBJC) Internship/Fellowship Program provides students and emerging leaders with an opportunity to learn about and engage in the movement to empower the lives of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) and same gender loving (SGL) people in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.   The internship focuses on intersectional issues between and among African Americans and LGBTQ equality. NBJC advocates for policy and practice that address the unique needs of the African American LGBTQ/SGL community—needs that are too often neglected and ignored. Throughout the internship/fellowship experience, interns/fellows will gain hands on experience in the areas of public policy, strategic communications, and constituency/community outreach.

Fellowships are reserved for students currently pursuing post-secondary degrees, certificates or credentials and for established leaders possessing post-secondary degrees, certificates or credentials.  Internships are available to students actively enrolled in and in good standing with an accredited post-secondary institution.  Exceptional high school students are invited to apply for the internship program.

This experience provides direct interaction with and access to The National Black Justice Coalition daily project operations. We are looking for:


  • Digital & Content Development Strategist

  • Research & Strategy

  • Operations and Programs Management


General Responsibilities include:
  • Propose, pursue and support programming designed to address the policy and practical needs of LGBTQ/SGL people and communities and to otherwise ensure the health and wellness of the Black community more generally;

  • Leverage social media and other digital tools/platforms to support memorable and meaningful messaging campaigns designed to celebrate the assets of and disseminate resources that can be helpful to Black people and communities;

  • Contribute to the development and dissemination of research, reports and data on African American and LGBTQ/SGL people and communities that will be used to inform both policy and practice;

  • Serve as a liaison between NBJC and civil rights, LGBTQ, and other policy and advocacy associations and organizations advancing policy and practice related to core goals and strategic initiatives;

  • Contribute to the creative efforts of NBJC, including social media platform engagement and content management;

  • Participate in strategic planning, staff meetings, and policy briefings, including relevant briefings and events on Capitol Hill as well as at think tanks and advocacy associations throughout Washington, DC;

  • Cultivate and sharpen event planning and management skills by assisting with operational and logistical needs for events and meetings;

  • Building constituent relation skills by engaging with and responding to constituent inquiries.


Opportunities for professional independence and growth are encouraged and supported (e.g., attending internal/external briefings on Capitol Hill and government agencies on behalf of NBJC).


Required skills:
  • Candidates must be able to work well independently and as part of a team;

  • Candidates must have strong organizational skills and be a self-starter;

  • Candidates must be able to think critically and be politically savvy;

  • Candidates must be timely in delivering assignments, attending meetings and arrival to work;

  • Candidates must have excellent research, oral, written and communication skills;

  • Candidates must have knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite; and

  • Candidates must have a “can do” and positive attitude in the workplace.



You must be enrolled part-time or full-time in an accredited institution. Interns must be available to be in the office for a minimum of three full days, each week at NBJC’s office in Washington, D.C.


How to Apply:
You must completely fill in the application form. A working gmail address is required to complete the process. You may create a free account at www.gmail.com. We highly recommend that you prepare your cover letter and resumé as individual pdfs BEFORE starting the application process. Incomplete application packets will not be considered.  Applications will automatically be processed at the end of the submission form. We are now accepting applications.
Application Packet Review Process

NBJC evaluates the applications on the basis of academic achievement, quality of thought exemplified in the cover letter, and the strength of the candidate’s interest in improving the health and wellness of Black LGBTQ/SGL people and families.

Additional Considerations

This is an unpaid internship. Student interns/fellows will be required to secure their own housing while working in Washington, DC. A list of unendorsed potential accommodations is available upon request.

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