Family & Relationship Recognition


Family comes in many forms including biological families and those we choose. Most safety net programs use an archaic definition of family, restricting many people from receiving benefits that would allow them to support their entire family, including chosen family.  Black LGBTQ/SGL people are more likely to raise children in states that lack critical protections for non-traditional parents/guardians and fail to establish policies that recognize chosen family.  Our nation’s laws must invest in policy-based initiatives that strengthen families, communities, and ultimately, the country.

Active Legislation before the 115th Congress  
  • HR 1173/S 448 Medicare Mental Health Access Act

  • HR 2498/S 1143 Freedom from Discrimination in Credit Act

  • HR 3273/S 1570 the LGBT Data Inclusion Act.

  • HR 3602/S 1653 Real Education for Healthy Youth Act

  • HR 2978 /S 1419 Voting Rights Advancement Act (Advancement Act)

  • HR 2640/S 1303 Every Child Deserves a Family

Legislation or other Government Actions to Advance Priority
  • Halt efforts to repeal the ACA and invest in culturally competent health and wellness programs that promote preventative health care, expand resources and programs to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and invest in research that addresses disparities among minority populations to improve the collective health for our nation.