Housing and health are intrinsically linked. Where and how people live has a direct impact on how healthy they are and how well they live. Housing insecurity continues to be a core concern for Black America, with Black LGBTQ/SGL people disproportionately impacted by the lack of affordable quality housing. In addition, research shows that housing is the greatest unmet service need for people living with HIV, which disproportionately impacts Black LGBTQ/SGL people (National Center for Biotechnology Information; 2012). NBJC advocates for inclusive housing policies that prohibit discrimination and promote housing stability for marginalized populations.

Active Legislation before the 115th Congress
  • HR 2282/S 1006 The Equality Act

  • HR 1447/S 1328 Fair and Equal Housing Act

Legislation or other Government Actions to Advance Priority
  • Expand the Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA) program

  • Implement inclusive policies at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to ensure programs do not discriminate on account of sexual orientation and gender identity.