Black Transgender Advisory Council

In recognition of opportunities to stand with and better support the Black transgender community, NBJC has established a transgender advisory council to strengthen individual and collective efforts to address the unique needs of Black people of trans experience. The primary goals of NBJC’s Black Transgender Advisory Council are to: 1) advise NBJC on ways to best support the efforts of the Black transgender community; 2) inform the public policy agenda implemented by NBJC by ensuring the inclusion of intersectional issues of racial justice, and gender identity and expression; and 3) help strengthen the Black family and community by creating safe space, and providing resources to encourage and facilitate what can sometimes be challenging conversations required to reduce stigma, eliminate bias and increase inclusion.  The members of the Black Transgender Advisory Council are leaders of industry, stalwart advocates and activists who have committed themselves to the work of supporting the Black transgender community. The members of NBJC’s Inaugural Black Transgender Advisory Council are:
Dr. Ayanna Elliott, Chair
Dr. Van Bailey
Londyn De Richelieu
Senior Minister Camarion D. Anderson
Kylar W. Broadus, Esq.
Valerie Spencer, MSW
Toni-Michelle Williams 
Carter Brown
´╗┐Grace Dolan-Sandrino
Nala Toussaint
Below are a number of blog posts related to the issues faced by our Trans* family.
Reading them is well worth your while.